My name is David Eder and I harbour a love for Intellectual Property. My academic studies to date have included numerous IP courses, and I was recently awarded a Distinction in my LL.M. at UCL, with a prize-winning, copyright-related Dissertation being the icing on that particular cake.

Through basing my blog posts on the interaction between IP Law and everyday life, I hope to highlight the way that Intellectual Property Law touches all of our lives in one form or another on an increasingly regular basis.


The purpose of ‘A View on IP’ (‘AVOIP’) is to provide commentary on topical IP issues.

The content of all blog posts and comments posted on AVOIP represent the individual views of the author of that blog post or comment and no other person. At no time is any legal advice being provided or offered.  The author of any blog post or comment and AVOIP assume no responsibility for the correctness of the views so expressed. Any such blog post or comment is not intended to be and should not be relied upon. Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, the author of any blog post or comment posted on AVOIP and AVOIP shall not be responsible or liable for any reliance placed upon the contents of any such blog post nor any form of loss incurred as a result of any reliance thereon.

Should any information on Intellectual Property or related matters be required, please seek legal advice.


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